NEP has combined experience of more than 100 000 hours in professional scheduling. We can provide the following services in South Africa and abroad:

Full Time Project Planner

We will source a suitable candidate for our client with the relevant experience and re-train him/her in the required planning and software skills and place him full time at the client’s facility. This planner will have constant support from our senior planners in our head office in Durbanville. This will ensure all complex problems and reporting is dealt with quickly and efficiently, and schedules and reports are audited regularly to ensure accuracy. Our senior planner will visit the client site as often as required. This is all part of a total planning and scheduling service we provide.

Ad Hoc Planning

Some projects are too small to justify the use of a full time planner, but they still need the service. We cater for these clients by allocating the required number of hours monthly to a Planner in our office. Project Scheduling at a low cost.


We provide consultation services to industry at a very competitive rates. Using our experience and established standards, we can consult on any scheduling issue you have, from the software you require to the level of schedule that would be best for your application.

Project managers

We can provide you with a competent Project Manager, and if the project does not have a full-time Project Planner, we will give the Project Manager support from our head office for his scheduling needs.


The majority of scheduling problems originate at the tender phase. We can assist to analyse your project, recommend structures and scheduling requirements and write a specification to be included in a tender to your prospective contractors. That way you will ensure your contractor plans and schedules effectively, and uses the correct standards and procedures. Do not assume large companies will do it right. Our experience is to the contrary.

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